Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Lost and Found - what to do? Useful numbers..


What to do?

  • First of all, check for a collar with name or contact details for the owner.
  • You may take the animal to a local vet or shelter to scan the animal for a microchip.
  • If there is a microchip found you may look up the number (on,, pet trace, Irish kennel club) to look for owner contact info
  • Please note the vet or shelter is under no obligation to take it.
  • If you find a pup/kitten – don’t take it straight away unless it is in danger – the mother may well be back for it
  • You may ring the local dog warden to pick up a stray dog – your local county council should have the number.
  • Council pounds may euthanise the animal after a week if no owner has come forward.
  • Animal shelters / charities will house them longer to try find them a home
  • Call your local vet and animal shelter / pound telling them the details of the pet such as breed, colour, male or female, relative age, and where found.

Helpful numbers:

KSPCA helpline - (087) 1279835
Kildare animal foundation –  (045) - 522 929
Kildare Gardai – (045)527737
Kildare dog pound - (059) 8623388
KWWSPCA Animal Welfare Officer – 087 6887136
Kildare county council - (045) 980205

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