Tuesday, May 19, 2009

PET NAPPING -a sinister recessionary revenue-spinner

Callers to KFM have reported a distressing new type of criminal activity. In an era when innovation and the knowledge economy are being promoted as the keys to Irelands future, our native criminals are using a different type of knowledge to find innovative ways to gather their revenue in recessionary times. A spate of thefts of pedigree dogs from gardens and yards in the Kildare and Newbridge environs leaves me in no doubt but that this is well-organised theft of very saleable and valuable pets.
One caller into my radio slot last friday reported his five dogs- three gundogs and two greyhounds, all pets- stolen from behind a high fence in his stable yard outside Monasterevin the night before.
My information, from animal welfare people " in the know", is that these thefts are destined for the UK pet market where there is still demand for certain breeds. I would like to know what checks and query systems are in place at the ferry ports if this is the case.
I have three simple pieces of advice for worried pet owners. Firstly, get your pet microchipped and have a tag fitted to the collar stating "I am Micro chipped". Secondly, lock up your dogs at night and ensure day time access to your premises only through a visible front entrance.
Thirdly, Dont buy a pedigree dog in these straitened times as the dog pounds and welfare charities are full of worthy heinz 57 dogs in need of loving homes!

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