Friday, May 22, 2009

Birth Control Bonanza

Canine conjugal relations are often swift and surreptious. Indeed as the owner of many a canine beauty queen on heat discovers to their chagrin, the canine male suitor is usually elusive resourceful and athletic in his ardour.
We are inundated in the Spring and Summer with calls from bitch owners in search of the canine equivalent of the morning after pill- There is such a thing, but it is available for Veterinary use in injectable form only. The scenario begins with a careful owner's best efforts to keep an on-heat bitch locked up- but frequently ends with a frantic call to the Vet as their prize pedigree bitch is found in delicto flagrante and tied back to front with the neighbourhood mongrel lothario.
This type of problem mating is quaintly and archaically known as misalliance in veterinary terminology and can be remedied with an injection of Oestradiol Benzoate within 72 hours of the deed in question.
Last summer we had an owner of a beautiful young border collie bitch who was insistent that Sheba would be bred at two and a half years old- yet Sheba turned up three times in nine months for this misalliance injection as their neighbours male bull terrier defied their best efforts at fencing the garden off.
As I believe Irelands dog population has now outgrown demand for pets I am a strong advocate of the final solution to this issue- Neutering!
For May and June we have reduced the price of Spay and Neuter to 2004 prices.
Veterinary Irelands Spay week in early June will further publicise this issue.
Now at Groome PetVets we will neuter male dogs for 90 euro with Female Spay procedures now priced at 120 euro.

Now that what we call real added value!

Aiming to provide excellence in Veterinary when YOU need it near YOU!

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