Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A taste of the exotic

My KFM Vets Corner now runs every Friday at 11.15 on Clem Ryans morning show. The public reaction to my show,both on and off the air is testament to the growing dedication and enthusiasm of Irish people for all creatures great and small. Animal loving Clem helps it along with his own curiosity and love for the animal kingdom.
A missing African Grey Parrot in the Curragh area prompted my tale of the Koran reciting Saudi Arabian Parrot I once encountered in Jeddah- where the custom of keeping polly on a perch above the stove in the kitchen led to a high incidence of a fungal emphysema called Aspergillosis.
This tale was soon bettered by a callers anecdote about Bruce Lee, the Chinese owned Parrot in a Sheriff Street take away who could curse in Dublinese, Cantonese and bark at the owners mother in laws Pekinese.
Clems interest in the exotic thus piqued I recounted a sad case history about a tiger cub with the wobbles who entered Jeddah Vet Hospital one boiling hot day ( every day was a boiling hot day) with a growling half stagger- like a character from a T.S.Eliot cat poem-followed by a nervous besandled Arab youth on the end of his chain.
Dubbed Macavity the mystery cat by the hospitals puzzled staff, this tiger was eventually diagnosed with calcium- deficit ricket disorder and eventually responded well to mineral correctng therapy.
A tail for our times perhaps as like many a celtic tiger cub Macavity's domestic diet of fresh steak daily lacked balance and proved too much of a good thing for a cat born to be wild!

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